Join us for ‘Jazz in the Afternoon’!

The ‘Making Noise in the Library’ Series for 2021-22 kicks off on Friday, October 29 at 2 p.m.

From Amy Hunsaker, Librarian for Music & Performing Arts:

Come down to the Music Library for free snacks and live jazz on October 29 for the inaugural concert of the Making Noise in the Library 2021-22 Series. The concert series began in 2014 to provide musicians and other performers a unique venue to share their craft. In the past, dance, drama, experimental music, and traditional music performances have filled the normally-quiet library with visual energy and sound. The series was cut short in 2020 and is now being reintroduced to the public with the support of the UVA Arts Council.

This concert will feature Mike Rosensky’s Tuesday Small Group, a combo made up of UVA jazz students including Michael McNulty on guitar, David Sun on piano, Ellis Nolan on bass, and Carl Hamilton on drums. Per UVA COVID guidelines, the performers and audience will remain masked through the performance (except when eating or drinking).

UVA PhD student and jazz singer Carlehr Swanson serves on the steering committee for the series and initiated the idea of turning the Music Library into a jazz lounge:

My inspiration for the Library Jazz Lounge transpired from my passion for jazz music and its rich American history, as jazz is one of the few art forms native to the United States. In addition, as a jazz vocalist with two degrees in jazz performance, I’ve witnessed first-hand the great community that can be fostered in a live performance setting. I’m excited to bring the same sense of community and atmosphere to the library.

The event is FREE, and all are welcome.

Come join us, and stay tuned for future concert dates!

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