Getting Alderman titles from Ivy Stacks is easy!

Now that Alderman Library is transferring a large part of its collection to Ivy Stacks during renovation, faculty and students will need to make requests from Ivy. The good news is that Ivy requests are easy.

When you find a title in Virgo that you want from Ivy, click the “Request from Ivy” button:

Screenshot of Virgo record with "Ivy Request" button circled in red

First-time users will need to create an ILLIAD account, and non-UVA users need to log on to the ILLIAD request system, but if you have an account and are a UVA user, you can sign in with netbadge and the ILLIAD request system will automatically fill in the information for you.

If everything looks fine, click “Submit Request.” It’s that simple! You’ll be notified when the book is placed on hold in your “preferred pickup” library:

ILLIAD request form with information filled in

The advantage of requesting from Ivy is that you don’t have to navigate your way through the labyrinth of old Alderman’s open and close stacks—something that won’t be a problem when new Alderman reopens after the renovation. Until then, Ivy will save you time by retrieving material for you.

Image of the virtual browse iconIf you have a favorite Alderman browsing area and aren’t sure where the books are (either in Clemons or Ivy Stacks), click the virtual browse icon next to the call number in Virgo and you’ll see the location of all the books in that call number range!

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