High School Interns 2019: DAY 2

What was the most exciting thing you did or learned today? Why was it exciting?

Theo holds three buttons that she made

Theo’s first three buttons

The most exciting thing I got to do today was make buttons! I learned how to use the Wacom Cintiq 22HD with Photoshop to make a button design sheet. I drew out a few little designs and played with tools like the gradient effect tool. Learning more about digital art is really exciting because it’s something I have always wanted to do! — Theo

Today I had the opportunity to go into the special collections library, vault, and stacks. Inthe stacks, I got to read from a first edition of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. In the vault, I saw a first edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, papers from the Alcott family, and also some of Thomas Jefferson’s plans for UVA. As part of my placement, I learned how to sort books in the Library of Congress system and learned more about the inner workings of the library. Talia

Two books open to pages with illustrations

Two books from Special Collections

The most exciting thing I did today was going to the special collection to learn about different types of book during different century and what was used to create those types of books. I find it fascinating that people in those century revered books very much and that book determined status and wealth. It was also exciting to see different literature games, authors notes and the binding because they were so intact that it is hard to believe that they are some century years old. — Bawk

computer screen displaying 3-D printing software

Designing objects using 3-D printing software

I learned how to fully work and design objects in a 3D printing program. I put together shapes to make a monkey smiling holding a banana. I also got to create my very own buttons. On the second day of the internship the button machine was trial and error. The next day we found the instructions and figured it out. I got to create unique pins from my own drawings and printouts. — Seychelle


The most exciting thing I learn today, I learn how to tack picture of film and write information about them I also got to make them pretty and look better.I got to spent time with my mentor in a calm and peaceful garden in the sun and in the shade the wind started make the trees dance around us.After that I we went back to aldamen liberty and we separated from there she when her way and I went my way till next time we said to each other.I also learn about different  type of form of book and writing from the past .Eva

The most exciting thing I did today was attend a meeting with the UX team, and tour the special collections building. The meeting was exciting because I got to see how the UX team runs things throughout the meetings, and how they collaborate to solve issues. It was exciting to be a part of it, and to really see how they work on a daily basis. The tour in the special collections building was exciting and fascinating to see the exhibitions. It was really exciting to look at all the books, and learn about them, and also, seeing the smallest book they have.  Tianna

collage of books and interns from Tianna's second day

Collage of Tianna’s second day


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