Day 4: Library High School Interns 2018

This summer marks the second year of the Library’s High School Internship program, wherein students from central Virginia join the Library for short-term paid internships in the Library. Students from all backgrounds and of all abilities are encouraged to apply.

What follows is one of a series of daily blog posts that interns compose during their time at the Library. Are you a student (or parent) and want to know more about summer Library internships? Ask your guidance counselor or contact Phylissa Mitchell at

Friday June 15

What is your proudest accomplishment while interning at the UVA Library thus far and why?

My proudest accomplishment is being able to get this internship. I’m extremely grateful that I was chosen to be one of the interns. So my proudest accomplishment is this whole internship.


My proudest accomplishment is building the relationship i have with all of my peers and adult associates. Relationships can take you very far in life and u feel like these ones will make a big difference in my future. Everyone just has a great atmosphere that they bring with them wherever they go and its amazing. I hope to keep in touch with all of them as the days wind down to the end of this internship.


So far, I am proud of all of the activities I have had the opportunity to participate in. I have accomplished being open and engaged in all of the activities, despite how uninterested I may have originally been to the topic. I have briefly learned the basics of computer coding, spoke to numerous people that work throughout the library, and visited many of the libraries here on UVA’s campus. I am also very proud of how I have interacted with the other interns because I am usually very introverted, but I have been able to show my personality and be myself, which is a surprise to me! And excites me because I will have to use this skill in the fall upon arriving at Christopher Newport University.


My proudest accomplishment so far during my time at the UVA Library is just the level of knowledge I’ve gained about libraries in general. This internship has allowed me to see and experience a few of the many different components of a library. Getting to understand that there’s more to libraries than what we see in schools, such as things like checking-out books and shelving, has been really amazing. As a result of it, my level of appreciation for library staff and faculty as well as libraries themselves has increased substantially.


Sewed pamphlet

Sewed pamphlet

My proudest accomplishment so far in the program would being able to make different types of pamphlets. The pamphlets protect the books from getting damaged or harmed. I learned two different types, sewed and pocket. The pocket one is like it’s name. It’s a pocket that you put in a protective folder that you put the book into. The second is also like it’s name we sew the book into a protective folder.






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