Library Course Enrichment Grants awarded to UVA faculty

From Judy Thomas, Director of Faculty Programs: 

This year the Library offered Course Enrichment Grants to six faculty who plan to partner to with Library staff to integrate information, data, or digital literacies into their courses.

We are pleased to announce this year’s recipients:

Meredith Clark, The #BlackTwitter Class, Department of Media Studies, College of Arts and Sciences. Students will engage in a critical analysis of social media data to produce case studies about specific issues related to race and digital culture. Library leads: Erin Pappas, Regina Carter.

Max Edelson, Forum Capstone Experience, Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences. Students will embark on research projects in a variety of fields of study, gaining understanding of the relationship between space, knowledge, and power, and developing competencies with research strategies and tools. Library leads: Keith Weimer, Todd Burks.

Sean Ferguson, STS and Engineering Practice, Science, Technology and Society Program, School of Engineering and Applied Science. Through hands-on activities, students will learn how to combine quantitative and qualitative material to gain deep understanding of social phenomena, developing their skills in data manipulation, curation, and visualization. Library leads: Jenn Huck, Todd Burks.

Bonnie Gordon, Studies in Early Modern Music 1500-1700, Department of Music, College of Arts and Sciences. Students will develop skills in critical reflection and information literacy as they engage with historical sources to understand how music reflects and influences history and cultural change. Library leads: Abigail Flanigan, David Whitesell, Paula Archey.

Mary Kuhn, American Natures, Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences. Students will broaden their understanding of what constitutes an environmental text, conducting research to uncover primary and secondary sources and using digital tools to practice public-facing research and writing. Library leads: Chris Ruotolo, Meridith Wolnick, Krystal Appiah.

Kim Brooks Mata, The Art of Dance, Department of Drama, College of Arts and Sciences. Students will develop the skills to engage in research in the context of artistic practice and will broaden their understanding of dance as both an expressive and investigative field. Library leads: Abigail Flanigan, Paula Archey.

Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Department of Politics, College of Arts and Sciences. After learning how to define an answerable research question about Middle East politics, students will conduct independent research, gaining necessary skills in assessing, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Library leads: Christine Slaughter, Bethany Mickel.

This program offers to faculty the opportunity to work with teams of librarians, technologists, and data specialists to enhance students’ abilities to find, evaluate, and use information and data, as well as to create new forms of media-rich assignments.

Last year’s program focused on information literacy; this year’s program expanded its scope to include data and digital literacies. Read a full description of the program. 

All faculty may take advantage of library support in these areas, whether or not they are participants in this program. We have experts on hand in data discovery, management and computation; digital humanities methods; media creation and use; and information discovery and evaluation. For a referral or for more information, please contact Judy Thomas at

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