UVA Library high school interns, Week 6, 2017

WEEK 6, Final Thoughts

UVA Library high school interns 2017

Posted July 26, 2017

What do you know about libraries that you didn’t know before?

I know that academic libraries don’t have a Dewey decimal system.

It’s more than a library filled with books.

They pay for memberships for research.

They are slowly progressing to more of an technological place.

In what ways has the internship shaped your ideas about your future?

I want to possibly work in an library while doing other things that I love to do.

Maybe become a person to help out in the library.

I know more than I thought about academic libraries and I can almost help out anywhere.


After this internship, I realized there is a lot more libraries than meets the eye.  I had always just assumed they were a place that housed books and you were supposed to be quiet while inside.  Now I know there is more to being a librarian than sorting books and shushing people.  In an academic library at least, you have to give tours and presentations occasionally.  You need to help people find needed resources and be on top of what has been checked out.  There are some librarians who don’t see a book all day!  Also, academic libraries themselves hold much more than just books.  There are old artifacts, newspapers, scrolls, typewriters, and so many other amazing things that need to be taken care of.

Now that I know that there is more to being a librarian than sorting books, I want to pursue the path to librarianship even more.  It’s exciting to imagine being in a place I love, but not doing the same repetitive thing every day.  It adds the aspect of change, which is always refreshing every once in a while.


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