University Librarian John Unsworth Speaks about Building Partnerships for the Hathi Trust

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) has released videos of its Fall 2016 membership meeting. UVA Dean of Libraries John Unsworth—part of the Executive Management Group of the Hathi Trust Research Center (HTRC)—was one of the featured speakers in a CNI panel presentation, “The Hathi Trust Research Center: It Takes a Village.”

After introducing himself as the HTRC’s “Chief Schmoozing Offcer” (at the 31:40 mark in the video), Unsworth outlines several strategies the HTRC might employ to build partnerships. He talks about supporting various data communities, and about adapting to changes in the publishing world, offering “a better business proposition” to publishers who now provide text mining services, co-locating more material that isn’t available to them because of licensing schemes. He emphasizes libraries’ support for working with data and speaks of the possibility of encouraging publishers, through JSTOR and Portico, to co-locate material within the secure environment of the HTRC.

Please see the entire video of the CNI presentation, “The Hahti Trust Research Center: It Takes a Village.”

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