Facilities Management Modifies Clemons Construction to Meet Students’ Concerns

In response to student concerns about the noise from construction on the roof and second floor of Clemons Library at a time when quiet study space is needed to prepare for upcoming exams, Facilities Management has agreed to modify work schedules.

Clemons roof replacement: The noisiest work on the Clemons roof will be confined to the hours between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. The work crew will perform quieter installation work for the rest of the day. The roofing project is due to be completed in December. The installation of the solar array in January is not expected to be very noisy.

Second floor renovation for Total Advising: Noisy work will be confined to the hours before 12:00 noon from now until exams have been completed. The restrictions on noise will be lifted during winter break, and the noise issue will be revisited at the beginning of the 2017 spring semester. This project will extend into the summer of 2017.

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