Announcing Virgo GIS

Virgo GIS Screenshot

The U.Va. Library is happy to announce the release of our powerful new geographic information search interface Virgo GIS.

This interface will allow you to search our growing collection of online geospatial (GIS) datasets. Via this single interface, you will be able to locate and download datasets from the Library’s collections, as well as thousands of datasets from our partners at Stanford and Princeton Universities.

You can search for data by zooming the map on a specific geographic area, typing search terms into the search box, or if you hold down the shift and option keys, by drawing a box on the map to zoom in on a specific area.

Once you’ve found your results, you can bookmark, email, or text the link to any item from its results page, as well as get the title for citation purposes. For results from U.Va. and Stanford Universities, you’ll have the option to download a data file, or to view the URL to use for web mapping services.

Access Virgo GIS by going to or by clicking on the GIS facet from the Virgo homepage at If you have questions about Virgo GIS, please email

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