Student jobs available at UVA Library

Guest post from Trillian Hosticka, Reference Librarian and Regional Deposit Librarian.

The UVA Library works because of its dedicated student employees!

Library jobs are available in a variety of categories and offer opportunities to develop new skills and explore resources that may even benefit your own studies.

Jobs include…

  • Circulation Assistants – Help patrons locate books, provide public service information, check materials in and out, and serve as a friendly face when people visit.
  • Stacks Assistants – Help reshelve books and maintain order on Library shelves so that visitors can find what they need.
  • Special Collections – Help archivists organize and describe historic documents and digital files, assist with retrieval of materials from the stacks, help with class prep for instructional sessions, and assist with exhibit organization.
  • Digital Production – Help scan Library materials and edit images for digitization, including items from Special Collections.
  • Graduate Reference Assistants – Provide research help to Library patrons in the evenings and on weekends in person, through chat, or by phone.
  • Digital Media / Makerspace Consultants – Provide assistance to visitors using specialized equipment and software such as for audio/video media, virtual reality, makerspaces, and scanning
  • Preservation Assistants – Get training on how to create the construction of protective enclosures for fragile books and pamphlets in the circulating and special collections.

How to apply

UVA Library jobs are posted in Handshake. To apply, you’ll need to visit Handshake and search for the job that most interests you.

Keywords to use when looking for UVA Library Postings on Handshake

Searching for the word “Library” will return a lot of results, but the search function on Handshake only looks at the job title so you may want to try some other search terms as well, such as:

  • Specific location or department names
    • For example, try: Try Clemons, Fine Arts, Brown Science & Engineering, Music, Special Collections, Scholars’ Lab, or Makerspace
  • Vocabulary used in the examples above
    • For example, try: Reference, Archives, Circulation, Stacks, Digital Media, Production, Makerspace, or Preservation

We hope you’ll join us for the fall semester! Visit Handshake now to start your application.


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