Announcing Friends of the Library

Through January, we’re publishing year-in-review highlights from FY2021. Download a full PDF of this year’s Annual Report to read more. This week we’re focusing on the fact that the Library works because of your support!

With UVA’s third century underway and the Library’s “Next Chapter” campaign continuing, we are excited to announce our new donor recognition society: Friends of the Library.

Friends of the LibraryWe created this society with the intention of making a universal recognition society with multiple points of entry, meaning that Library donors can become members through several different avenues. Annual, consecutive, and planned gifts qualify, as do gift-in-kind donations. Membership also comes at lower thresholds than most comparable recognition groups.

Friends of the Library membership offers opportunities for enhanced connection with the Library through events such as tours, lectures, curator discussions, exhibition openings, and other special programming, with both virtual and in-person offerings. Members receive welcome kits from the Library and are recognized annually in our online honor roll. Supporters of the Library are also eligible for membership in the appropriate University-wide recognition group(s).

The generosity of alumni, students, staff, and other supporters is indispensable to the Library. It builds our collections, enhances our spaces, strengthens our resources, and allows us to make crucial hires and improve our services. Simply put, your support allows us to have more and do more as a partner in teaching and learning at the University.

Thank you for your continued dedication and support of the Library. We do not take it for granted, and we hope that you’ll consider becoming a Friend of the Library.

Learn more about Friends of the Library.


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