The PhD Plus Digital Pedagogy Summer Internship program

Through January, we’re publishing year-in-review highlights from FY2021. Download a full PDF of this year’s Annual Report to read more! This week, we’re highlighting stories about how the Library works to build connections in our profession.


In a collaboration with Arts & Sciences’ Learning Design & Technology team and other organizations across Grounds, the Library participated in the 2020 PhD Plus Digital Pedagogy Summer Internship program. The primary objective of the multi-faceted program was to offer UVA PhD students a range of teaching and digital pedagogy training that would help them support faculty during the fall semester. The internship was also designed to provide the graduate students with marketable skills that would further their professional development.

The Library team of Brandon Walsh, head of Scholars’ Lab Student Programs; Bethany Mickel, Teaching and Instructional Design Librarian; and Multimedia Teaching and Learning Librarian Josh Thorud created two online sessions for up to eighteen interns. “HTML/CSS and Online Digital Presences” was offered in June, along with “Humanizing Online Teaching with High-Touch Technologies” — both sessions focused on ways to create a more engaging learning experience through audio, video, and interactive technologies. Through these two workshops, the interns gained knowledge that could be applied directly to their collaborations with faculty members during the fall semester. At the same time, in working with Library staff throughout the internship program, they formed partnerships with the Library that will benefit them in future academic and professional activities.

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