What’s new in Virgo? Check out the latest updates

When the new Virgo Library catalog launched in summer of 2020 with improved search accuracy, it included the ability to limit results to “online” or “on shelf now,” and to organize and share bookmarked items and save searches. The latest round of Virgo updates builds on these features to serve researchers even more.

RSS feeds

You can now set up RSS feeds in Virgo that will notify you when the Library acquires new materials that meet the criteria of saved searches. Setting up an RSS feed is simple!

  • Log in to your account and perform a Virgo search
  • Click “Save Search” in the top right of the results window.
  • Give the search a memorable name.
  • Click the “Manage your saved searches here” button.
  • Click the box to make the search public
  • Click the RSS feed icon and the “Copy to clipboard” button.

After that, you’ll be notified whenever items are added that fit your saved search. Note: RSS feeds are not able to show updates from third party sources such as databases.

“On the shelf” checkbox

When you perform a Virgo search, you’ll notice on the left-hand side of the screen there is an “On the shelf” checkbox which allows you to limit search results to items that are ready to use right now, including non-circulating Special Collections items available to be requested. Note: Ivy Stacks materials, which are not directly accessible by library users, are not listed as being on the shelf.

On Reserve items

To help with physically finding items that are not in the regular stacks but on reserve, the Library includes a yellow triangle alert icon in Virgo records next to the barcode. Keep an eye out for the symbol before heading to the stacks. Clicking the icon will display the instructor and class a book is on reserve for. The information helps circulation staff find reserve items and get them to you more quickly.

Screenshot of a Virgo record, with the yellow triangle alert symbol next to the barcode, and a blue box displaying the instructor and course the item is on reserve for.

Non-Western titles in their original language

Virgo records now display non-Western titles with the the titles’ original language appearing above the Romanized equivalent, which is more useful to speakers of the language. For example:

Screenshot of a Japanese title displayed in Virgo with the title in its native language above the Romanized title.

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