Research Data Services is here for you!

Research Data Services (RDS) is ready to help you at multiple stages of research for any data-oriented project involving either quantitative or qualitative data. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned data wrangler, the Library provides instruction in data … Continue reading

Library’s Spanish-language COVID-19 guide serves as model for statewide engagement

When COVID-19 changed the academic landscape in March of 2020, UVA Library staff immediately reacted to new ways of supporting teaching and learning. Policies were rethought, new procedures were established, and staff set out to implement the unprecedented shift to … Continue reading

What’s Scholars’ Lab been up to this Semester?

Over the next few years, Scholars’ Lab will operate from the 3rd floor of Clemons Library as renovations to the main library progress. And while COVID-19 mitigation efforts have caused the Library to scale back in-person operations, virtual consultation sessions … Continue reading