Library Conservation Lab named one of UVA’s “Certified Green Labs”

The Library’s Conservation Lab received a notable award this week, as the lab was named a member of the first class of UVA Certified Green Labs.

Sue Donovan, Conservator, manages the lab and monitors temperature, water purification systems, and specialty ventilation that allows for safe restoration and preservation of rare materials. Additionally, Sue led the way in adoption of recyclable nitrile gloves, a practice which has now extended beyond the lab.

Sue notes:

“Getting Green Lab certified also involved programming a chemical inventory and engaging with Chemistry Department stockroom and EHS staff. Striving towards the Green Lab status provided the opportunity to connect with different departments on Grounds and establishes our lab as an integrated part of the scientific community within the University.  I’m very proud of the accomplishment and I hope to keep maintaining the profile of the conservation lab within the University and beyond!”

Read more about UVA Certified Green Labs.

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