Open Access Week: Supporting Equity through Open Access

Guest post from Brandon Butler, UVA Library Director of Information Policy:

It’s Open Access Week 2019! This year’s theme asks a question that needs our attention more than ever as the consensus solidifies around an open access future: Open for whom? How can we ensure that new, “open” forms of scholarship don’t impose new kinds of barriers (or re-create old ones) that are inconsistent with the egalitarian vision of the open access movement? How can we make equity a priority in our open access work?

This week we’d like to share some stories of how folks at the UVA Library are using open access to promote equity. From library publishing to open data to community-engaged scholarship, we will catch you up on the Library’s efforts and let you know what to watch for in the next phases of the work we’re all doing. Stay tuned!

Open Access Week posts will appear here, on the Library news blog, as well as on The Taper, where you can read more about issues surrounding Copyright and Information Policy.

Open Access Week 2019: Open for whom? (Multiple languages displayed.) October 21 - 27.

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