Bill Corey: Librarian for Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, Management, and Marketing

Subject Liaisons are librarians who focus on specific topics. They have a robust knowledge of library resources and are happy to assist with research and answer questions, large and small!

Today we’re interviewing Bill Corey, who is the Research Data Management Librarian.

Subject Specialties

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Marketing

Contact: | (434) 243-5882 | Schedule a consultation | Visit Brown (Clark Hall) i-055

What are some of the specific ways you can help people learning and working in your subject specialty area(s)?

Bill Corey

I can identify and locate community/industry resources, including data. McIntire has a very strong focus on global commerce.  We have very few resources that are business oriented, either domestic or global.  Our ‘traditional’ databases are useful for scholarly research/writing but limited for hands-on real-World research.

I can provide a path to resources that students may not understand how to identify or locate.  I can provide a sounding board for ideas. I can provide a link to other business librarians at other VA-DC-MD academic institutions and their resources through CABAL (the Capital Area Business Academic Librarians group).  I facilitate connecting users to other librarians and staff with particular expertise in tools or resource types. My Commerce guide provides links to library, public, free, and other resources, curated to reflect the needs of the folks in their respective disciplines.

What’s a key message you’d like people at UVA to know about the Library?

We will go the extra mile to assist you with your research. It doesn’t matter if you’re an undergraduate, a graduate, a faculty, or a community member.  I don’t ask if you are in a discipline I cover—if your question or need is business-oriented, I’ll help any way I can.

If someone comes to you for help, what does that look like?

I usually ask for additional information prior to a first meeting so I can identify resources or gather background info.  Most consults are one-shot with at least one follow-up email exchange.  Some are multiple face-to-face. Some are long term email/phone relationships.  It is not uncommon to be asked for assistance months after the initial consultation.  Many Commerce students are part of teams, so I may meet with a single member or the entire team (up to 5 students).

What are some research challenges you enjoy?

Looking for resources that are difficult to obtain, or that the users don’t think of as resources.  Identifying and adapting existing and new tools to resolve questions/problems their creators never imagined.

What’s something interesting you’ve found in the course of your work?

Everyone wants business info and data.  Not just Commerce students.  The most unrealized resources are preprints and news directories.  OSF hosts many of them.

What’s a resource you think people in your subject areas aren’t very aware of, but would find useful?

I think many of them haven’t discovered Statista yet.  I have found a lot of useful content there that I did not expect.  Every CSR Report is another gem: every report published by the Congressional Research Service.

Is there anything else you’d want people to know about you? 

I have always been interested in copyright.  I have earned certificates in general copyright and have completed coursework through WIPO on global copyright.  I enjoy doing stuff w/ my hands—lapidary, jewelry, woodworking, stained glass, and gardening.  I am a tinkerer.

Enthusiastic Endorsement…

“[Bill, ] You are a rock star! …. Thank you for thinking through different resources and even citing some case studies you think might be valuable.”

Visit Bill’s staff directory page.




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