Women’s Maker Program: Now accepting applications!

The application for the 2020 Women’s Maker Program is now open!

Why is the Library doing a Women’s Maker Program?

Despite decades of efforts to increase the number of women in science and engineering, women remain underrepresented in STEM majors as well as in the STEM workforce.

The primary aim of this program is to help increase program participants’ confidence and interest in STEM and makerspace technologies, improve their sense of belonging in the field, and better prepare them for future careers in the STEM workforce. In addition, we hope to improve gender equality in the library makerspaces to make sure that it is an inclusive space for all.

What’s involved?

This is a paid program (approx. 5 hours/week) that runs from January 21-May 5, 2020.

The women’s maker program has the following components:

  1. Participants will collaborate as a group on a semester long self-identified maker project to solve a community problem
  2. Participants will receive training on growth mindset as well as rapid prototyping methods and technology, such as design thinking and 3D printing.
  3. Participants will attend 2-3 female speakers events. These speakers are currently working in academia and industry who will be sharing with the maker fellows as well as the UVA community their learning journeys and how they overcame stereotypes and implicit bias in the STEM workforce.
  4. Participants will be connected to experts and resources on grounds for additional support.
  5. Participants will work with library staff to design and facilitate a one-day maker camp for middle school Girl Scouts as a way to deepen their learning of the makerspace technology as well as to provide them with opportunities to serve as role models for younger girls.
  6. Participants will be provided with a stipend for participation, a mini grant for project supplies and implementation, as well as future student employee opportunities at the RMC.

Applicants should be undergraduates who identify as female, have an interest in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and who want to grow their experience with Makerspace technologies.

Applications are open until November 1, don’t miss it! 


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