Jeremy Garritano: Librarian for Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering

Subject Liaisons are librarians who focus on specific topics. They have a robust knowledge of library resources and are happy to assist with research and answer questions, large and small!

Today we’re interviewing Jeremy Garritano, who is the Associate Director for Departmental Partnerships, RDS & SNE.

Subject Specialties

    • Chemical Engineering
    • Chemistry
    • Materials Science & Engineering

Contact: | Visit Brown i-042

What are some of the specific ways you can help people learning and working in your subject specialty areas?

  • Jeremy Garritano

    We have databases where you can draw a chemical structure or reaction and discover related articles and research—no words needed!

  • I can consult with research groups about data management and integrating library and information resources into their workflows.
  • I can help find elusive chemical and physical properties of chemical compounds
  • I am one of the Library experts with EndNote bibliographic management software

What’s a key message you’d like people at UVA to know about the Library?

The Library has experts in many areas related to learning and scholarship (such as data analysis and visualization, publishing, GIS and information literacy)—let me connect you to enhance your teaching and research.

What’s a resource you think people in your subject area(s) aren’t very aware of, but would find useful?

Knovel and AccessEngineering are two resources that have interactive graphs taken from handbooks and data sources in the sciences and engineering.  They let you fit exact data points on the graphs and even allow you to change units of measurement, adding much functionality when compared to the print version.

Is there anything else you’d want people to know?

I am one of the advisors for the Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) at the University of Virginia.

Visit Jeremy’s staff directory page.



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