Ashley Hosbach: Librarian for Education and Social Science Research

Subject Liaisons are librarians who focus on specific topics. They have a robust knowledge of library resources and are happy to assist with research and answer questions, large and small! 

Today we’re interviewing Ashley Hosbach, who is the Education & Social Science Research Librarian.

Subject Specialties

  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Education
  • Leadership, Foundations, & Policy
  • Human Services
  • Kinesiology
  • Children’s Literature

Contact: | Schedule a consultation

What are some of the specific ways you can help people learning and working in your subject specialty areas?

  • Ashley Hosbach

    I provide support for any stage of the research process, and am available for 1:1 or group research consultations in person, via email, phone or Zoom video consultation. Schedule a consultation with me!

  • K-12 lesson planning support
  • Faculty: I design e-learning library modules and teach instruction sessions (both in-person and online) catered to your course content.
  • Citation Management: No matter what stage you are at in the academy (from first years to tenured professors), APA citations scare us all. Meet with me and learn to install and use free software that can cite for you!

What’s a key message you’d like people at UVA to know about the Library?

There’s this stereotype out there about librarians. I want you to throw that out the window. As liaisons, we are extroverts. We aren’t chained to a desk. We are out and active in our communities.

UVA Library is so much more than books. To say a library’s identity is tied to its physical stacks is an oversight. We have research software, e-books, streaming video, databases, maps, and more. But, more importantly, we have human connections. If we can’t answer your question, we have the network to connect you with someone who can.

I didn’t become a librarian to work with books. I became a librarian to work with people!


What’s something interesting (a resource, a behavior pattern, a community, etc.) you’ve found in the course of your work in this subject area?

As current and future educators, my students, faculty, and staff in the Curry School of Education and Human Development have committed their lives to serving others. They are not in it for the money; they are not looking for recognition. They simply want to do good in the world. That’s a rare and noble quality in today’s age. I consider it a privilege to serve them as their librarian.

Enthusiastic endorsements…

“You’ll want to be Ashley’s best friend! She’ll get you everything you need!” – Curry Faculty member


“You are a magician! My students and I are so grateful! “ – Curry Faculty member


“Thank you for everything you taught us! [Zotero] is going to SAVE my life!!” – Curry student

Visit Ashley’s staff directory page.

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