Library online resource fDi Markets—the latest news on global Foreign Direct Investments

The new Library online resource fDi Markets is a comprehensive database monitoring worldwide activity of “greenfield” investments. What are greenfield investments? They’re a type of foreign direct investment (FDI) where businesses start new companies in foreign countries rather than buy into existing companies. Want data on China’s greenfield investments in the United States, or on US investments in China? You can find them in fDi Markets.

Enter special access code “UOV” to log in. After you have registered and agreed to the terms of use, you’ll get an email with a link allowing access for 60 minutes, which you can extend if you need more time.

Everything on the screen relates to the current search, filtered by categories such as “Source markets,” “Destination markets,” “Industries,” “Companies,” “Company turnover,” “Date-range,” “Investment/Jobs,” and “Project types.”

For instance, if you want to see data on all of China’s greenfield investments in the United States since 2003, select “New search” at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of fDi Markets search box with "New Search" selected. Select “Source markets” from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of drop-down menu with "Source markets" selected. Select the the category “Countries,” scroll to China, add it to the selection box, and Confirm your selection. Go through the same process to choose the United States as the “Destination market.”

Screenshot showing the category "Countries" selected with China is highlighted and ready to be added to the selection box

After you have set the parameters, you can view the results in four fDi modules: “Home – Live Data,” “Project Database,” “Company Database,” or “Trends Analysis” (see figures below). All data in the fDi modules relate to your search for investments made in the United States by companies based in China since 2003. Click on the any of the companies to get a company profile and information on projects.

Home – Live Data Overview

Screenshot of "Home - Live Data" module showing profile of the company Dynaudio in a pop-up window.

Projects Database

Screenshot of "Project Database" module showing profile of the company Duan & Duan in a pop-up window.

Company Database

Screenshot of "Company Database" module showing profile of the company Haier Group in a pop-up window.

Trends Analysis

Screenshot of "Trends Analysis" module showing data on greenfield investments by China in the Unites States since 2003.

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