New renderings show a peek of renovated Alderman

The Neoscape renderings below use architectural plans as a guide to make plans for future Alderman come alive. Enjoy! (To view earlier renderings of the exterior, see this earlier post.)

Wide-angle view of Memorial Hall with service desk on left side and sunny atrium behind

A wide-angle view of renovated Memorial Hall.

A view over the railing from the upper level of an area filled with book shelves and study spaces. There is natural light coming from above and people are utilizing the space.

Clerestory and collections/study space, 4th and 5th floors, facing north.

A view of an open room with display cases on left and right and a door in the center leading to the atrium study spaces.

2nd floor gallery space

Students move through a room with checkered floors, filled with large tables for working and a few book shelves.

Restored and updated 4 east reading room (current reference room)

An area with several large working tables, surrounded by book shelves. There are large windows and a balcony overlooks the space.

The north end of the 4th floor, with a view of 5th floor balcony.

A bright indoor study space with massive sky light and small potted trees.

Study courts replacing unused space in lightwells

Learn more about the Alderman Renovation.

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