High School Interns 2019: DAY 4

What is your proudest accomplishment while interning at the UVA Library thus far and why?

printing press made on 3-D printer

Seychelle’s first 3-D project took five days

My proudest accomplishment was finishing the 3D printing press. Overall, it took five days to complete all the parts along with assembly. I was proud that I helped recreating this old relic. Picking out the color combination was also a fun part of putting my own element into the project. After finishing the printing, I realized I had learned more than I thought I had about the Scholar’s Lab. — Seychelle

My proudest accomplishment has been learning the LOC system so quickly and acclimating to an academic library environment. I feel a lot more comfortable in academic libraries now and don’t feel like I am invading UVA’s space because I have learned that it is a place for the community too. I will definitely continue to use the UVA library. — Talia

That I got all my work done in my jobs sites and that I got to learn new and cool thing like how to reserve maps and old artifact on the computers. I also learn how to digitals book by there pageas and that I take a short amount of time. — Eva

My proudest accomplishment while interning at UVA library was folding the boxes at the preservation and doing the sewing pamphlet because I felt a sort of nostalgia while doing it so it was a pleasant feeling to return to. — Bawk

series of photos of Bawk folding a box and sewing a pamphlet

Bawk folds boxes and sews a pamphlet in Preservation

My proudest accomplishment is 100% the buttons I made and the stuff I learned on the drawing tablet! It was just so fun and exciting and challenging to create something new. Being able to do two new things i have always wanted to do and have them actually work made me so proud of myself. It strengthened my art abilities and creative thinking. It also challenged me to test out new methods and problem solve. — Theo

My proudest accomplishment was being able to attend an usability testing with Melinda. Several people were asked a series of questions, and had to perform some tasks that would help the Melinda see if the new Library staff website was usable. It was fun to see how that process works, and how every person tackled a task differently, and to see their thought process. Another thing I am proud of accomplishing, and contributing to was helping Amber making spreadsheets to see which forms need to be deleted from the website. I also was proud of being able to help Jasmin come up with ideas for a poster for the Library. — Tianna

collage of Tianna's fourth day

Collage of Tianna’s fourth day


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