High School Interns 2019: DAY 3

What is the most interesting job you have undertaken and/or skill you have gained while interning at the library so far? Why is it the most interesting?

A skill I have gained was to think outside of the box and not to give up easily. I learned this from being in the Scholar’s Lab and working with the 3D printers. I had to learn how to work the printing program and be creative with the tools I have. We also faced issues with the plastic not being sufficient and making a mess. We did not give up and we kept working to solve the problem. — Seychelle

The most useful skill I have learned is how to navigate the LOC classification system. This will be incredibly useful for me when I go to college next year, and could even help me get a job in the library there. I also learned that as a member of the Charlottesville community I can go to the special collections library at any time (that it is open) and look at anything from the special collections. I have also found it interesting to learn about how books get put back on the shelves. I am excited to learn more! — Talia

stack of Tibetan books Talia cataloged

Tibetan cataloging workstation and the books Talia cataloged

Today was a hard day I got to work late. At least I learned something new I got to didolatise music sheet and of a book and paso put the spine and the front cover of the book online and I found out that I was my last day there working with the amazing people that work there but I will come back and viste.Me and my mentor whent to and amazing hidden garment and we sit there and she talk and draw what we saw a I saw a dragon clow and the middle of the garden and she draw this amazing trees and landscape with lot of details . we when to visit the retantra and there was so many wonderful thing like a beautiful landyshade and room filled with  amazing artifice of the way the school use to look like and how long it took to build this place . on the second floor I saw a fireplace that had a footprint on top of a brick door that I saw with on the picture I took on my phone but thith out it there is no door and you can’t see it .At the very top of the building there is the enormous amount of space when you get up there the light shine in and there there is this amazing scenery that you can feel in the room and the peace in there . — Eva

Book that was in the Preservation book press

A book that was in the Preservation book press

The most interesting skill that I learned today was sewing music sheet in to the folder. It was interesting to me because I have never sew music sheet before and honestly my hands hurt pulling the strings but I love doing it. — Bawk

The most interesting job I had during the internship was creating the book marks for all of the other interns with Seychelle!  I learned how to create my own 3D Printing designs. This was the most interesting skill I learned because it was really fun, challenging, new, and I got to be creative with it! — Theo



view of a room in the UVA Rotunda

In the UVA Rotunda

The most interesting skill I have gained was to be able to help Amber make spreadsheets to determine what forms on the Library website would they need to take down , if it’s not being used. I made columns for name, entries, views, and date of the last entry, and that helped us determine which forms should be removed, or maybe revised. I also got to learn about what steps, and the process Amber undergoes to create headlines for web page for different department advertisements. It was really interesting because, I got to see what goes on behind the scenes and the different aspects of the library page. — Tianna


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