High School Interns 2019: DAY 1

What do you hope to learn during this internship? What surprised you the most about your first day at the Library and why?

During this internship I hope to learn how I can utilize the Library more in my senior year of high school, and all the resources the Library offers that can make me a better student, and excel. I also want to learn everything about what the UX does, and how they do it. I want to learn how they created the websites, tickets, and how they tackle to complete each task. I want to learn all about what steps and process the UX team goes through to make these certain designs. What surprised me the first day was the level and type of work the UX team does., and how everyone has a set task but they all collaborate together. What also surprised me was that I got to go to a meeting with them discussing captioning for youtube videos on the Library page. — Tianna

scenes from Tianna's first day of internship

Tianna’s first day

I am hoping to be more open and outgoing in the internship.To talk to more people to not get nerves  and to be able to start a conversation with a new person. The thing that surprised me on my first day was how early everyone got here.  also that on my work site how interesting to look at the way the people use to write and how they use maps in the past as well as how different virgina was long ago. I can’t wait till tomorrow and to experans a new day and a new adventure that is  waits for me . — Eva

What I hope to learn from my internship is ways to connect art and technology and experiment with new pieces of technology. I want to learn new 3D printing and digital art related skills. I was most surprised by how fun and engaging the entire day was. I wasn’t nearly as stressed or confused as I thought I would be! The environment was very calm and educational but still fun and exciting to be in. — Theo

I hope to learn more about the binding if I am allowed because I am fascinated with different types of binding in different century. What surprised me the most about my first day at the Library is that the Library offers more than information and is involved in many fields such as media center, 3D printing, preserving special items and so much more that I have yet to explored.  — Bawk

As a long-term patron of Charlottesville’s libraries, I hope to learn more about how the library works from the inside. I am also excited to learn more about all of the services libraries have beyond books. I was surprised by how far the special collections library goes. I knew the UVA library was big, but I didn’t realize how big it really was. I am excited to become more familiar with the UVA library and the LOC system. — Talia

I was aspiring to learn the parts of the library and what the employees do to contribute to the library. I was surprised that there were so many hidden gems and interesting aspects in the building. I also learned that most people see library’s as just a place where books are kept, but they more than that. Library’s store bucket loads of information at your fingertips, and that information is waiting for someone to read it. Reading all the books in the library sounds impossible, but if you did, you would be the most knowledgeable person in life. — Seychelle

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