Alderman Renovation: What to expect in 2019

Alderman Library will be closing for renovation beginning in May 2020. The 2019-20 academic year will be a transitional period where preparations will be made to minimize the duration of the closure. Alderman is expected to reopen by the spring of 2023.

The transfer of materials is the next step:

  • Materials will be moved from Alderman to Clemons and Ivy Stacks between May and December, 2019.

All items held by the UVA Library will remain discoverable in Virgo, the Library’s catalog. No materials are being removed from circulation.

  • During the renovation, high-use items will be available for browsing in Clemons, and the full collection will remain available on-demand from Ivy Stacks.
  • Visit Virgo, the Library catalog, to find materials and browse the full collection using Virtual Shelf Browse.

As materials are transferred, we’ll be easing access by increasing the rate of deliveries from Ivy Stacks.

  • For graduate students, we’re also expanding some essential services: we are now honoring requests for scans of articles and book chapters from materials that UVA owns and, beginning Fall 2019, we will be expanding LEO delivery service. Stay tuned for details!

Proposed view from University Ave with Nameless field and large Library building behind in similar style to current except expanded back entrance and patio spaceThe renovation will allow us to address necessary infrastructure and accessibility issues, improve overall usability, and better deliver Library services to a much larger user community than Alderman was built to serve. The renovation will create an environment that is welcoming to all and rebuild and restore the Library that has become an iconic symbol of the intellectual experience at the University of Virginia.

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