Library Workshops offered for the month of March 2019

Please sign up for a Library workshop today. Courses are geared to every level of experience, to beginners as well as seasoned researchers, each taught by an expert in the field. Take advantage of information that can make your research extraordinary.

The Library will post about workshops each month here in Library News & Announcements, so keep checking, and visit the Library’s Facebook page every Monday to see the workshops being offered for that week.

Raspberry Pi—Learn the basics of using your Raspberry Pi to control electronic circuits. No experience with electronics or Raspberry Pi required for this workshop.

Organizing Your Research with ZoteroCapture, organize, search and share your research materials. Zotero can also interface with your word processing software, allowing you to drop footnotes, citations, and bibliographies into your written work, all with just a few clicks.

Intoduction to Git and GitHub/GitLab—We’ll cover how to fork a repository on GitHub/GitLab to your account, clone the repository to your local machine, and point it to the source repository. And we’ll practice GitHub/GitLab workflows. The use of GitHub and GitLab both require user accounts so please set yours up before the workshop at and

Qualtrics for Survey Research—Start developing and distributing surveys in Qualtrics, a powerful web-based survey tool available to all students, staff, and faculty at UVa. 

MS Word for Theses and Long Documents—If you plan on using Word for your next research paper, thesis, dissertation, or book manuscript, come to this session to learn tips and tricks that will save you time and headaches.

Information Design in Adobe Illustrator—Learn the foundations of Adobe Illustrator, a vector drawing tool for graphic design and illustration. We will dig into Illustrator’s core tools and techniques, and work through a series of practical examples to explore various features. 

Arduino—Go through the very basics of electricity, how to setup the Arduino, and building a first circuit; an LED nightlight.

Research Data Management Fundamentals—Overview of data management topics and practices, including file organization and formats, creating documentation and metadata, data security and backups, and data publishing and sharing.

Machine Learning in Python—This workshops highlights fundamentals of machine learning using the python package scikit-learn. The session will be hands on, so bring your laptops. This workshop assumes basic experience working with data in Python at the level of our Introduction to Python or Data Preparation in Python workshops.

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