Statement on Alderman and Clemons Collections

The following update on Alderman Collections was authored by Esther Onega, Senior Project Manager for Alderman Renovation, and John Unsworth, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries. (December 3, 2018)

Many faculty and students are interested in knowing how the renovation of Alderman Library is going to affect the size and nature of humanities and social science collections available on central Grounds. Exact numbers for the current state have been hard to come by because library collections circulate, because the library at any given moment contains collections not yet represented in its catalogs, and because until the completion of the recent inventory we could only estimate collections on hand. Exact numbers for the future state have also been a moving target, as the plans for new construction have been evolving steadily throughout the last year.

Now, however, our inventory (September 2017-December 2018) is complete and our plans for the new construction are stable with respect to projected shelving, so we are pleased to present our final projections for Alderman and Clemons collections post-renovation, as well as our most authoritative account of the current state of those collections, for purposes of comparison.

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