Why renovate Alderman Library? An answer in photos.

In this week of giving thanks, we’re appreciative of the many Library facilities that keep us studious, sheltered, employed, and entertained throughout the year.

We’re also thankful to be talking about a renovation, however, because there are quite a few reasons we need it. To name a few…

1. Asbestos hazards

An old pipe covered in flaking insulation

2. Building systems

Dirty infrastructure with old wires, insulation, and what appears to be dirt

3. Electrical hazards

An old-style circuit breaker covered in post-its labeling its various parts in a haphazard fashion

4. Problems with egress

Left: The current main entrance/exit to Alderman Library. Right: the current north side of the Library.

The proposed schematic design features a major north entrance and expansion of the current entryway for easy entrance/exit on both sides of the building.

5. Hazards to collections

An open trash can with water hoses feeding into it beside a shelf of books in the stacks

6. Sub-standard study space

A student studies at a dark table underneath a section of wall held together with plastic and messy black tape

7. Sub-standard staff space

A cramped corner with bulletin boards, inboxes, and old-style lockers

8. Building envelope problems

The roof of Alderman shows cracks and gaps in the seal from the outdoors to the indoors

In addition to addressing these critical issues and supplying new mechanical infrastructure, the planned renovation will create spaces for individual and group study, replace aging elevators, bathrooms, and stairwells, and retain critical elements of the Library’s architectural character. Library users and collections will be protected for years to come… and that is something to be thankful for!

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