The Library Brings DETAIL Inspiration to Faculty and Students

The Laban Centre, institution for modern dance in London

The Library is now offering online access to the architecture journal DETAIL Inspiration, providing both detail and inspiration to planners, architects, faculty, students, and anyone with a Library user ID. The database is continually updated with online versions of the latest print issues, allowing users to search through the last 30 years of articles covering projects from around the world—over 3,000 of them.

DETAIL Inspiration uses precise, relevant visual inspirations to support searches for construction solutions.

Users can browse by

  • building types (e.g. stores, factories, galleries, museums, colleges, libraries, hospitals, hotels, homes, places of worship, courthouses)
  • materials (bricks, ceramics, concrete, glass, stone, metal),
  • topics (stairs, roofs, interiors, facades, high-rises),
  • locations (countries listed alphabetically from Australia to Vietnam),
  • years (1949 to the present).

Whether you’re interested in supporting structures or a certain type of building in a specific country, you can find relevant project examples as well as an array of technical information about architecture, building details, and construction.

Each project is introduced by a photo and a brief description; and the journal articles are viewable as PDFs that you can download at no charge!

DETAIL Inspiration is just one of the online resources offered by the Library. Please check our list of new online resources. It’s updated daily!

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