Day Two: Library High School Interns 2018

This summer marks the second year of the Library’s High School Internship program, wherein students from central Virginia join the Library for short-term paid internships in the Library. Students from all backgrounds and of all abilities are encouraged to apply.

What follows is one of a series of daily blog posts that interns compose during their time at the Library. Are you a student (or parent) and want to know more about summer Library internships? Ask your guidance counselor or contact Phylissa Mitchell at

Wednesday June 13

5 interns

Q.T., Minuette, Khalia, Kalani, Grant

What was the most exciting thing you accomplished or learned today? Why was it exciting?

The most exciting thing I did today was probably when I got to go to a meeting with one of my mentors. It was really cool because they actively involved me and explained things, so I would understand what they were talking about. Another exciting thing that I learned was that the oldest book that you can check out from the UVA library is from the 1700s. I think that is amazing. The book is older than the United States and you can take it home and read.


The most exciting thing i accomplished today was making sure i didn’t get lost like yesterday.  It might not sound big but i was really wandering around looking for my section. Now i know exactly where im located in the morning and i know how to maneuver around the library. This to me was a good step forward, even though it was such a tiny step. The key is to just remember a little clue about every spot to remind you where you are.


Today, I finally began to dive into the project that I will be doing over the course of the next few days. I began analyzing very short biographies of multiple women. I noted mood and tone words that related to how the author felt about the particular individual, as well as events that had to do with the woman at topic. Ultimately, I will compare and contrast the different variables that play a factor into how notable women were spoken about. Although today was a busy day with plenty of excitement and activities, this has to be the highlight of my accomplishments today. I am glad to know what I will be working on because I felt very confused before today, as well as behind because I believe all of the other interns had already begun their assigned tasks.


The most exciting thing I learned today was about the many avenues that astronomers can take. What I mean by that is there are a lot of different job opportunities in which people who who major in physics can take. It’s exciting due to the fact that I now know I’m not limited to only one option.


S5 internsomething that I found to be really interesting after my third day was the things that I learned about cataloging that were on a deeper level. I was able to experience the roots of the system. I spent some of my time posting digital articles onto the University’s database. The process was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be because the directions remained the same for each of those articles. Where it got a little more elaborate was when I had to put books into the system. It required a very detailed eye because I had to make sure that all of the information about the piece of literature was accurate. Overall, today was a good day because I’ve gained more knowledge about cataloging and now have a better understanding of how things function. It’s all very fascinating to me.


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