Renovation Feedback Aids Architects in Planning 

""In February, the Library circulated a survey to gather input from students, faculty, and Library patrons about the future of Alderman Library. Data collected through the survey, along with feedback from the eight in-person sessions with HBRA architects, will help guide the architects as they create materials to be presented to the Board of Visitors later this year.

Individual survey results remain confidential, but a wide variety of input was received. Out of 150 survey responses, most comments focused around seven central keywords: book, study, research, collection, quiet, stacks, and journal.

As we’ve seen through the in-person sessions with the architects, there are a variety of visions from students, faculty, staff, and community members about the ideal future for Alderman Library. Many take the position that maximizing in-person access to book browsing should be the Library’s top priority. Many agree with this notion, while adding that study spaces, table tops, and lockable carrels are also a key concern for those who wish to do work on Grounds.

In addition to study spaces and access to library materials, quite a few respondents commented that they liked having a cafe nearby, and appreciated extended Library hours. Navigability, clear designation of “quiet” spaces, natural light, and comfortable seating also repeatedly surfaced as users submitted thoughts about their ideal Library experience.

Survey results have been shared with HBRA Architects and are being incorporated into ongoing planning.

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