UVA Today Article Highlights 3D Printing in Scholars’ Lab

Library experts on 3D scanning and printing, Will Rourk and Ammon Shepherd of Scholar’s Lab, are featured prominently in the UVA Today article “Meet the Makers”—a survey of makerspaces that form a network across the Grounds of the University.

Library projects highlighted in the article include a replica of William Faulkner’s pipe that was discovered in the pocket of the jacket he left here on his last visit to UVA before his death in 1962, and Princess Leia’s thermal detonator from the Star Wars films. The Lab’s mission to preserve and share data with other makers means that museum visitors with impaired vision may now feel the texture and shape of objects.

For more about 3D printing in Scholars’ Lab and other locations at UVA, read the article “Meet the Makers” (UVA Today 3/28/2018).

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