Photos of Construction Enlarging the Ivy Stacks Off-Grounds Shelving & Retrieval Facility

The crane that rolled onto the Ivy Stacks construction site to lift huge concrete panels into place, doubling the capacity of the Library’s off-site shelving and retrieval unit, is gone. Now there’s enough space to temporarily house a large portion of Alderman Library’s collection until the books can come home to a newly renovated library.

People who tried watching the crane work via the live video feed were disappointed by technical problems. However, there were Library staff out in the raw December weather, taking pictures that they’d like to share with anyone who missed the spectacle. Thanks to Director of Library Facilities and Security Guy Mengel, User Experience Analyst Dave Griles, User Experience Content Manager Amber Reichert, and University Project Manager Kate Meyer for the following photos!

The crane arrives.

Its long “boom” is assembled on-site.

A cross piece suspended from the crane’s hook is equipped with cables for tilting up and lifting the concrete slabs that were poured and left to harden on-site.

When the panels were poured, handles were set in them at regular intervals to distribute stress and prevent cracks while being lifted. Workmen use poles to help guide the lifted panels. Notice the insulation built into the panels.

The length of the space to be enclosed, doubling the building’s capacity.

The enclosed space today in photos taken by drone. Notice the solar array that’s being installed to lessen the University’s carbon footprint, helping power the building that will be maintained at an optimal preservation temperature year-round.

A reading room addition provided for patrons to come and have material retrieved to use at the facility.

See a video about the Alderman renovation!

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