Alderman Renovation Update: Winter 2018

In an effort to keep communication lines open during these early days of renovation planning, “mini-newsletters” like this one will be periodically posted here, on the Library’s News page, and are simultaneously being circulated as bookmarks with a portion of ILS books. 

What’s new?

  • HBRA was selected to be the architect for the Alderman renovation project, which will be  taking shape in a tangible way during 2018. HBRA has been reviewing current documentation, and will be at UVA in  early 2018 to articulate programming for the renovated building. The programming study will determine the services  and collections for Alderman Library, positioning it to meet the needs of the UVA community. Opportunities to talk to  the Architects are forthcoming in early 2018: check the renovation site below for updates.
  • Planning for the first floor of Clemons Library is underway and will include compact shelving for browsing the collection. In addition, the 1980s infrastructure will be modernized, including the restrooms and electrical capacity.  Student seating is an important priority and is part of the plan.
  • Clemons Library will be CLOSED over the summer of 2018 in order to replace the HVAC system, and the first floor  will remain closed for the academic year 2018-19 for renovation. More information will follow.
  • Find ongoing updates about this exciting project here:

What’s happening in Ivy Stacks?

  • The walls for the new stacks room were put into place in December. The walls were poured on-site and lifted into place with the aid of an enormous crane, which arrived in parts on several wide-load semi-trucks and was then assembled. The roof is being added early in the spring semester, and the building is expected to be completed on time in April 2018.
  • Visit our live webcam to check in on the construction progress!
  • SERVICE NOTE: During the construction project, books requested from Ivy Stacks will be picked up on Tuesday mornings. Any requests made on Monday before noon will be picked up and any requests submitted later will be picked up the following week.

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