Sounds You can Take out of the Library—the Thomas Rex Beverly Sound Files!

What does distance sound like—a bird calling in a desert valley? Does loneliness sound like the ring of a hammer against stone? If you need just the right sound to go in a video, in a musical composition, an image slideshow, or to enhance narration, you might find it in the Thomas Rex Beverly sound files—available from the Library for any media production that “contains at least one additional media element to the Sounds (music, voice, image, etc.).”

The files includes the beat of wings, birds calling, mule deer snorting, and rivers flowing through the American Southwest in a collection of “High Desert Ambiences.” You’ll also find the nuances of “High Desert Thunderstorms,” the blustery qualities in “High Desert Winds,” and the rushing torrents of “New York Gorges and Waterfalls.” Machine sounds include the violence of a “High Desert Chainsaw” and the speed and power of “High Desert Trains.” In “Ringing Rocks,” Beverly explores the tonal possibilities of stone, playing on it like the classically trained musician he is.

To get to the files:

  1. Click a category (e.g. High Desert Ambiences).
  2. Choose “Open” in the dialogue box and click OK. Be patient; the containing folder takes a while to load.
  3. Click the containing folder, then double click the sub-folder.
  4. Inside will be a zip folder that contains another folder with audio files you can copy and use in your project.

You may get an error message, but be persistent. The sounds are worth the trouble it takes to get to them!

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