Students, Let the SourceDorks Help You with Research—They’re not Librarians, They’re your Peers!

Think it’s too early to start on your term paper? It’s mid-semester and the clock is ticking. So why wait until the panic sets in? Come to Clemons Library and let the SourceDorks help you get started right.

The SourceDorks are peer councilors that the Library makes available to help students with paper writing and research. They know the Library and love sharing what they’ve learned. So, before you get lost groping for sources in cyberspace, come to the front desk of the the 4th floor in Clemons Library Monday–Wednesday from 7–9 p.m. and let the SourceDorks help you painlessly refine your topic and get the best articles to support your thesis. With a major grade at stake, why take a chance? Find sources that will impress your instructors!

Drop in soon; Abby, Maliha, and Nathan are waiting to help you! You can also use Ask a Librarian to get answers to your research questions, and if you don’t have time to meet with a SourceDork, you can check out this quick list of useful resources. If you still have questions, come in an let the SourceDorks bring it all together for you.

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