Satisfy your Classical Music Needs with the Library’s New Online Resource, the Naxos Music Library

Love classical music? The Library has it—more than 2,000,000 tracks from the Naxos Music Library, available to anyone with a UVA ID. It would be impossible to download the quantity and quality of these recordings even if you had the money. Now they’re yours through the Library!

Find music by the masters Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and more, and by contemporary arrangers of popular and jazz standards such as Duke Ellington. There are also television and film scores—John Williams’ Star Wars, Bernard Hermann’s legendary collaborations with Orson Welles (Citizen Kane) and Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho). There’s world music, gospel, blues, Chinese. Make and share playlists, and listen to playlists created by others.

Naxos opens up music history with the libretti and synopses of more than 700 operas, liner notes, podcasts, and books. You can take guided tours through the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, and the 20th century. Click on the Naxos pronunciation guide to hear the names of artists and composers spoken correctly as they would be in their native tongues; hear the correct pronunciation of musical terms. And when you’ve finished your sonic adventure, be sure to click the “Log-Out” button until you’re ready to come back and explore again.

The Naxos Music Library is one of the many online resources offered by the Library. Please check out our list of new online resources. It’s updated daily!

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