Get the Latest Reports on Business Conditions with the Library’s New Online Resource, IBISWorld

If you own a business and need information on market conditions, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money getting the facts. Get up-to-date, comprehensive information, fast, from the Library’s new online resource IBISWorld—”the largest provider of industry information in the U.S.”

IBISWorld’s library offers over 3,000 industry reports that cover more than 700 industries across 5 major economies. A new feature offers over 1,000 procurement reports on the United States, covering the most purchased products in America. The reports are always fresh, providing information based on current conditions, not historical models. Fifty year ago “Plastics” may have been the one word Dustin Hoffman needed to know in The Graduate, but in 2017 prices for plastic are low, keeping industry growth down.

IBISWorld even analyzes future industry performance with Risk Ratings Reports, providing forward-looking assessments and numerical scores that allow users to instantly understand the level of opportunities and threats relevant to any unique trading environment. The IBISWorld Media Center is an industry resource for busy journalists on tight deadlines.

Other Services include

  • Specialized Industry Research Reports, keeping you abreast the latest business opportunities.
  • iExpert Industry Summaries, giving you snapshots of industries and the most vital facts and figures.
  • Business Environment Profiles, giving insight into the variables of weather, government policy, commodity prices, and consumer attitudes.
  • And Industry Wizard, allowing you to create lists that are most applicable to you and your business.

Please check the Library’s list of other new online resources. It’s updated daily!

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