Preparing for the Solar Eclipse—a Talk by Astronomy Professor Ed Murphy in Harrison-Small, August 8

On Tuesday August 8, from 7:00–9:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, Associate Professor of Astronomy Ed Murphy will give a special talk on preparing for the upcoming total eclipse of the sun. On August 21st the moon will completely obscure the sun—and the sun’s corona will become visible—along a path across the United States. South Carolina is the closest that the total eclipse will come to Charlottesville, although local residents will experience a partial eclipse. According to Professor Murphy, a total eclipse hasn’t been visible from where Charlottesville is now since before Columbus landed in the New World.

Professor Murphy will give a lecture and demonstrate safe solar observing, and discuss what to expect during the eclipse and where to go see it if you can travel to it. As a bonus, everyone who attends will get a free pair of safe solar observing glasses!

Professor Murphy’s talk is open to anyone in the Library (as well as members of the Friends of McCormick Observatory and, eventually, the public). You will need to sign-up for the lecture. So please be sure to sign up if you’re interested and plan to attend. Parking is available in the nearby Central Grounds Parking Garage at 400 Emmet Street.

For more on Ed Murphy and the total eclipse, please read the article “Ed Murphy, Chasing His Third Solar Eclipse” (UVA Today, 7/6/2017).

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