Service Notice: Recalling Items through Virgo is Temporarily Unavailable

UPDATE as of 7/18/17, 10:58 p.m.: Though we’re still addressing the underlying technical issue, you may now use the “Request Item” button in Virgo to make recall requests. Please follow the link in the message that appears to complete your request.

Due to technical issues that are being addressed at this time, the ability to recall checked out materials through Virgo is temporarily unavailable. This means that the “Request Item” button in Virgo records used to request (recall) items that are checked out to another patron is not working properly.

If you need to recall an item, please do so in Virgo Classic (click on the “Requests” menu option). You may also contact the Library’s Circulation staff at for help.

Requests for LEO delivery and requests for materials located in Ivy are working properly.

We will update this post when the situation is resolved. We appreciate your patience!

-Last updated 7/18/17, 3:49 p.m.

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