Ebook Central: The Library Destination for Ebook Access!

ProQuest has merged Ebook Library and ebrary to create Ebook Central, offering 800,000 ebooks from more than 650 publishers, in one place and on all subjects.

The new online resource is available from the Library, and allows researchers to browse books by subject and refine search results, filtering for author, subject, and year of publication. Tables of contents are open for you to explore. Read the books online and search them for key terms of interest—just be sure to enclose phrases in quotation marks.

You can download an entire book for up to 21 days, and download PDFs of whole chapters and excerpts permanently—up to 40 percent of a book in many cases. Ebook Central lets you personalize books with notations, bookmarks, and highlighted passages (in three colors!), and allows you to share hyperlinks to specific pages. You can add books to a virtual bookshelf for future quick access, and Ebook Central will format your citations in a variety of styles. When your time limit expires, don’t worry about losing valuable notes; Ebook Central allows you to export your notes to keep for future reference.

Please check out this mobile friendly database along with other new online resources in the Library. The list is updated daily!

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