New Online Resource POLITICO Pro Gives Access to Sources Behind the News

Want to know about Federal policy, expenditures, taxes? How about politics? You can find the latest news in the Library’s online source POLITICO Pro. Sixteen teams of policy-specific reporters provide the pre-, post- and backstory of every important update affecting your area of interest.

You get morning and afternoon newsletters and real-time alerts, plus monthly CEO Reports and the nightly Pro Report of the day’s most important news. Complex issues in energy, health care, technology, and transportation come to life in Pro’s DataPoint feature that lets you download fully-editable infographics as PDFs, JPGs, or PowerPoint slides for use in your own presentations.

But it’s the “Tools” menu that makes POLITICO Pro a uniquely valuable resource, providing a comprehensive list of sources for government information. Items in the easy-to-use drop down menu include:

  • Appropriations Watch—the latest information on government funding
  • Campaign Pro Race Dashboard—a rundown of upcoming House, Senate, and gubernatorial races state by state, with information on the candidates and parties, from the primaries through the general election
  • Defense Program Watch—funding of major weapons programs, with reports from the Government Accounting Office and Congressional Research Service, plus news reports on policy debates
  • Energy Regulations Watch—rules that affect government energy and climate policy
  • Pro Tax Watch—information on taxes that affects decisions on fiscal policy at the State and Federal level
  • State Education Watch—the demographics of educational enrollment in each state from grades K through College
  • New Member Profiles—condensed bios on all first-term House and Senate members
  • Document Drawer—gives you the primary sources that POLITICO Pro analysts turn to for covering all aspects of government policy, appropriations, opinion, and debate. It contains the raw stuff of journalism—court records and filings, letters to and from Congress, FOIA requests, data, Congressional testimony, polling info, research papers, bills, and executive orders—that can help anyone check the facts behind the stories and become a more knowledgeable consumer of the news.

For more resources like POLITICO Pro, please check the Library guide for new online resources. It’s updated daily!

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