Undergrads Can Make a Difference by Joining the Library Council

All UVA undergrads who want to have a great time helping the Library to understand and meet their needs should look into joining the Library Council.

Members will meet with University Librarian John Unsworth and help design new and better services. They’ll also go to bi-weekly dinner meetings, plan social gatherings, and host lectures like the one by UVA English professor Andrew Stauffer on Book Traces @ UVA—a project documenting the history of the Library’s collection through historic notations in the margins of old volumes—or host library-related events like The Bard’s Birthday Bash, celebrating the life of Shakespeare and the Special Collections’ exhibition “Shakespeare by the Book: Four Centuries of Printing, Editing, and Publishing.”

Before leaving UVA, recently-graduated co-chair Jackie Morrogh expressed the value of her experience on the Library Council in a personal essay “Why Do Libraries Matter?” If the Library Council sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to become a member this year, please drop by the upcoming interest meeting on Thursday, September 1, from 6:00–7:00 p.m. in Alderman 421, or email Library Council co-chair Samuel Carr if you can’t make it.

There will be food from Take it Away!

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