The World According to Charlottesville—UVA Today Features the Library’s Digital Daily Progress

In an article “Six Moments in UVA History, As Documented by Newly Expanded Digital Archive,” UVA Today features the Library’s Daily Progress Digitized Microfilm—recently expanded to include the years 1923-1964. The article examines unfolding events like the 1929 stock market crash and the assassination of President Kennedy, but also highlights significant local events, like addresses delivered at UVA by President Franklin Roosevelt and Dr. Martin Luther King, as well as the dedication of Alderman Library in 1938.

dparchive_header_1500According to Bradley Daigle—Content Lead for the Academic Preservation Trust—the collaboration between the UVA Library and the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library is one of the most popular collections in Virgo. In the future the Library hopes to crowdsource searchable tags from users to improve Optimal Character Recognition and make the archive searchable with keywords. “The high level of traffic inside the collection” Daigle says, “is an encouraging sign” that the public would be willing to participate in efforts to enhance the searchability of the valuable resource.

Read the the full article:

Six Moments in UVA History, As Documented by Newly Expanded Digital Archive (UVA Today, 6/23/2016)

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