“Sister Talk”—New Streaming Audio in Virgo

The Library now has 93 episodes of Sister Talk, a joint radio production between WTJU and U.Va.’s Women, Gender, and Sexuality program (WGS), available as streaming audio in Virgo!

Hosted by Anne Lane, former director of the WGS program, Sister Talk is a radio program originally broadcast in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s that focuses on “current research, books, plays, politics, and all kinds of other cultural and intellectual concerns from the perspective of women and gender.”

The Library was approached by the WGS program to make these resources accessible to the U.Va. community and the broader public. WGS also provided an intern to assist with metadata creation.

These resources are hosted in our instance of Avalon Media Systems, a local streaming audio and video system, and are discoverable and playable through Virgo. The 93 items can be found here, or reached by searching “Sister Talk” and faceting on Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS) Audio Collection in Virgo, the Library’s online catalog.

Thanks to the following for making this collection available to our users: Charlotte Patterson, Melissa Wender, and Maria Roa Arrazola from the WGS Program and Jennifer Huck, Ivey Glendon, Paula Roy, Steven Villereal, Mike Durbin and Anne Gaynor from the Library.

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