Watch the eclipse on 8/21 with free glasses from the Library!

Alderman Library will be handing out eclipse glasses on 8/21 (while supplies last) to encourage safe viewing of the solar eclipse that passes through between 1pm and 4pm that day. Additionally, all UVA Libraries will be lending pairs of glasses for 20 minutes at a time during the eclipse.

Three images of people looking at the sky while wearing cardboard glasses with silver colored lenses.

The Library will distribute free glasses like those pictured here (as long as supplies last) from Alderman Library, and glasses will be available for loan from all UVA Libraries between 1-4pm on 8/21.

While no part of Virginia will see a total eclipse, Charlottesville will see about 86% of the sun covered by the moon at the peak of the eclipse (approx. 2:40pm).

During the eclipse, visit the “Ask a Librarian!” table outside Alderman Library, or stop by the circulation desk at other UVA Libraries, to borrow a pair for 20 minutes at a time. The table outside of Alderman Library will also have a Sunspotter telescope available for public viewing of the eclipse. This small telescope projects the image of the sun on to a piece of paper, allowing for safe viewing from all sides.

Don’t miss this massive celestial event!


Note: Now that we’re nearing the eclipse date, many of the reputable vendors of viewing glasses have sold out. Be cautious when buying online to ensure you’re adequately protecting your eyes. Safe eclipse glasses block all of the (invisible, but harmful) ultraviolet and infrared light from the Sun, in addition to almost all of the visible light. The glasses distributed at Library locations were purchased from reputable vendors, and are ISO 12312-2 certified.

Children and a park ranger look at a large spot of light in a triangular wooden structure.

Alderman Library will be showcasing a Sunspotter telescope like the one shown here.

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