Ivy Stacks Continues Service Uninterrupted During New Construction!

The Library’s Ivy Stacks off-Grounds retrieval facility is not only expanding, it’s getting better. A new addition that will double Ivy Stacks’ capacity is being built with massive tilt-up concrete panels lifted into place by crane—the insulation inside the panels and fewer seams will help ensure against moisture infiltration. A state-of-the-art HVAC system will cool Ivy’s mobile shelving to an optimal 55 degree preservation standard even in the hottest months. A rooftop solar array will help power the structure that includes a reading room for researchers—and the construction, running from this summer to March of 2018, is happening with no interruption to service! The only anticipated inconvenience is that Library users may see slower delivery times.During construction, Ivy will continue retrieving VIRGO requests from its vast collection of the Library’s lesser-used items, belying its reputation as a “storage facility.” Ivy is a functioning library that houses over one million items, not only books but LPs, rolls of microfilm, computer disks, music CDs, video laserdiscs, glass photographic negatives, issues of Charlottesville’s Daily Progress newspaper from 1895 to the present, everything available for checkout.

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